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Wealth Creation

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Just like beauty, wealth is in the eye of the beholder.  But for most of us, it doesn’t just happen. It takes thought, planning and a bit of discipline. 

In the first instance, we find out what you want to do in your life. Then together we work out how you are going to finance it all.

  • What things do you want to spend your money on, and when?
  • How are you managing your debt commitments?
  • How much money do you have left over after you pay all of your bills?
  • Are you earning more but not saving anything?
  • What are your investment preferences?
  • What experience have you had with investments?
  • How do you feel about leveraging any assets you currently have? 

Your preferences, priorities and questions will naturally depend on your stage of life.  

Once we understand where you are at, we design the best path for you, including the triggers for change.  Once you are comfortable, we will execute the underlying strategies and continue to work with you so that you stay on track.

Intergenerational considerations are increasingly being addressed in our advice. Older parents and/or or adult children unexpectantly requiring monetary assistance can compromise your position without consideration in the planning process.

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Excellence is just the beginning. We have established a clear set of underlying principles for the advice we provide in relation to investment, superannuation, insurance and debt. These ensure a structured and disciple approach to strategy and design.
CEO and Financial Advise

“Financial Planning is not about money, it is about having the flexibility and choice in how you live your life.”

Financial Adviser

“Financial planning may seem boring, however if it helps you establish a plan that turns something unrealistic into something that is achievable, then it becomes exciting.”

We know that financial planning can be complicated. Planning For Life makes it simpler for you. When you need advice and support, call us on (03) 8841 3111

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