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What our clients are saying

We are very proud of the work we do and the relationships we have built over the years with our clients. The feedback we receive is reflective of this and we would like to share some of that with you.

Our people. Their words

“Rhonda, Rachel and the team at Planning for Life are friendly, approachable, efficient and professional. The detailed planning has helped our family feel that our current and future financial position is well taken care of.
Would highly recommend the team of Planning for Life to anyone.”

Caroline and Chris , Couple in their 40’s with school aged children, a mortgage and investment property. The focus is on managing debt and investments for a better cashflow and wealth position.

“Rhonda has been providing us with financial advice for over 20 years. In that time she has given us options which we believe have allowed us to experience financial growth and also a plan for a successful retirement. Her advice was always presented in a professional and caring manner and tailored to our needs to ensure we obtained the best results”.

Guido and Janine , Now in their 50’s and empty nesters. Initial strategies around structure have provided a solid base for retirement planning.

“We have been clients of Planning For Life since 2005.
We were then and still are extremely impressed with the professional and personal service and advice Rhonda and her team have given us. We are completely comfortable to have put our finances in their care, knowing that they will always guide us in the right direction.
We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Planning For Life.”

Rosemary, Retirees initially referred to Planning for Life by their daughter. Retirement planning and Capital Gains Tax management have been the focus.

“Do you have a goal, a plan, a destination? Well done, that’s the first step. Do you know how to get there?
I’ve worked with Rhonda for more than 15 years, she’s part navigator, part fairy godmother. Life isn’t always straightforward, you need someone special when the wheels fall off.
Some of her advice is common sense but I didn’t spot it myself. Some is magic – the difference between succeeding and not. This isn’t a spectator sport, you need to do as you’re told – any pain disappears as you realise this is actually working.
My next life begins in December, it wouldn’t be happening without her.”

Barry, A divorcee in his 50’s with a focus on restructuring for his retirement offshore.

“David and I wanted to share with you some feedback regarding our experiences of working with you and your amazing team at Planning For Life over the years.
Because of you and your team Rhonda, you have made it possible for David and I to live our dreams even earlier than we both had anticipated and through your encouragement David has found a whole new exciting life beyond work!
We both have gained knowledge and understanding of our financial situation as you have treated us as equal partners in the process of our retirement planning and this was only possible because we wholeheartedly trust you and the team to have our best interests at heart. Great job team and thank you.”

David and Lian, A couple in their 50’s, one retired, the other almost. Their focus is on enjoying life in their retirement years.

“I’ve always been able to rely on myself for my finances however, with Super and Investing I needed skills outside of myself. Who to trust and where to go were a mystery. I work hard and pay my taxes. There has to be another way that I could control. I have surrendered to the skill and understanding of Rhonda and her team. I have not always been their dream client and complied with their advice. As it turned out this was not the best thing for me to do. What I learnt was to trust them. They are generous with their willingness to get the best for me.”

Alison, A couple in their 50’s, one retired, the other almost. Their focus is on enjoying life in their retirement years. A client since 1997, now in her 60’s and looking forward to a prosperous retirement as a result of earlier planning.

“We have been using Planning for Life for 20 years. During that time we have had fantastic professional financial advice from Rhonda and her team. She has helped set us up for financial security and retirement. She takes the time to understand our needs and preferences and build that into a workable plan that covered from starting a family to retirement planning. Her team are always extremely helpful and provide very timely assistance. We highly recommend Planning for Life for all of your financial planning needs.”

Estelle and Jeff , A couple in their 40’s who commenced their relationship with the business in their 20’s and are now happily planning for their retirement.

“I was initially reluctant to work with a financial planner because my finances weren’t in great shape.
But I found it so easy to work with Rhonda. She quickly grasped my circumstances and, in a non judgemental way, created a great financial strategy I could understand and found easy to stick to.
It made me feel I was in control of my finances for the first time in years. It was such a weight off my mind.

Maggie , Single lady in her early 60's planning to get the best out of life supported by financial understanding.

” My finances were in a real mess when I was so fortunately introduced to Rhonda and her amazing team!
After my first meeting with Rhonda, a huge burden was lifted off my shoulder. She and her team are a passionate, loyal and sincere group of professionals as well your best friends. Nothing is too hard for them and they do their work with such love for their clients. Having financial advisors like them is the best investment in one’s life .’Thank you’ is too weak a word for what they have done for me and my family!”

Sui , A couple in their late 60’s wanting to ensure they were debt free and well positioned for their retirement.

We know that financial planning can be complicated. Planning For Life makes it simpler for you. When you need advice and support, call us on (03) 8841 3111

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