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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning is all about ensuring you maintain control of your money even when you are no longer around. It is a lot more than simply having a will. There are so many questions you need to think about, and have addressed appropriately, to be confident that what you want to happen actually does.

  • Is it important to leave money to the kids or just the house?
  • Are there special needs or bequeaths you want addressed?
  • Who do you want to be your voice if you can no longer speak?
  • Are there any extended family issues?
  • Do you need to consider asset equalisation?

Our role is two-fold. We will help you understand and form a view around all of the relevant questions so that you can approach estate planning in a logical and constructive way. We can also work closely with legal advisers where appropriate. Our discussions with you will cover:

  • Establishing a will
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Powers Of Attorney
  • Asset protection


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