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Retirement Planning

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We believe there are four things that lead to a happy and fulfilling retirement.

Friends – without them life could be lonely.
Money – makes it easy to do the things you want to do without financial concerns.
Health – without this you may have trouble doing the things that make you happy.
Purpose – you need to have a reason for getting out of bed each day. This is also where you get                        to give back.                

Financial planning clearly addresses the ‘money’ aspect, which is an important one. When you finish work, there is typically no more money going into kitty, so we have to make sure there is enough in there for you when you do.

We establish what it is you want to do “when you grow up”; what you would like that part of your life to look like.  Once we have that picture we can then identify how to best stack the financials around it.

Our role in relation to ‘purpose’ is simply to support and encourage you, as we understand that purpose is what gives you meaning in life.

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Excellence is just the beginning. We have established a clear set of underlying principles for the advice we provide in relation to investment, superannuation, insurance and debt. These ensure a structured and disciple approach to strategy and design.
CEO and Financial Advise

“Financial Planning is not about money, it is about having the flexibility and choice in how you live your life.”

Financial Adviser

“Financial planning may seem boring, however if it helps you establish a plan that turns something unrealistic into something that is achievable, then it becomes exciting.”

We know that financial planning can be complicated. Planning For Life makes it simpler for you. When you need advice and support, call us on (03) 8841 3111

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