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Financial Advisers: Our Modern-day Superheroes

Take a minute to reflect on your life goals. What came to mind? A European holiday? Reclining on a yacht while sipping on a glass of champagne? Or, nestled at home with your loved ones, stress free?

Envisioning what you want your future to look like is easy but turning that dream into a reality requires some effort. Most of us are so busy managing everyday life that we often cast aside our financial goals. That’s why we have industry experts, to help steer us in the right direction, encourage us to work towards our goals and to help knock down the complexity involved in money.

So, who are these superheroes you ask? They’re called financial advisers. A financial adviser is a person or authorised representative of an organisation, licensed by ASIC, who provides advice on some or all, of the following areas of money/finance: investment, superannuation, retirement planning, risk management, estate planning, aged care, insurance and taxation¹.

Do we really need one, though?

Well, the right financial advice can make a huge difference in your quality of life. At ‘Planning For Life’, our client’s interests come first, always.

Once we establish a thorough understanding of your current financial position, we work hard to ensure the right plan and strategies are tailored to you and set in place to help guide you on the right path.

Our advisers understand the need for balance and can help you make the most of your money, so you ‘live with confidence’. We also understand that change is inevitable and ensure we work with you continually to keep you on track. How great is that?

Without proper management of our finances, our goals cannot be met, and I for one NEED that European holiday.

If you’re in need of some modern-day rescuing, contact us on 8841 3111 to book an initial appointment with one of our Financial Advisers!

¹Source: MoneySmart 



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